The Income Share of Kindred From Problem Gambling Is Falling

In the 90-day period from 21 December 2020 to 21 March 2010, gross earnings of high-risk players accounted for 3.9 percent of the overall quarter sales, live casino down from 4.3 percent during the fourth quarter of last year. Kindred also observed that after intervention during the reporting period 76.6% of the players with symptoms of problem gambling changed their behaviour from 75.5% during Q4 2020.  บาคาร่า เครดิตฟรี  The fall in the issue gambling income share follows Kindred’s announcement in February that the company will have a 0.0% income share in negative gambling by 2023.

Treatment centres 

Playing CardsAs part of the campaign, Kindred works with recovery centres and experts by expert knowledge reformed problem player squad. The share of negative gambling revenues is encouraging to decrease in the first quarter of the year, but we have to realise that the path forward is not going to decrease steadily,” said Henrik Tjärnström, Chairman of Kindrec.

We expect data to grow with each year, but we continue to work against our ambition. Reducing unhealthy gaming in society is a long-term process that calls for a free, factual and meaningful dialogue. Also in January, with record peaks in active clients and significant new markets expansion, Kindred showed that full-year sales reached the GBP 1 billion (€1,12 billion/$1.40 billion) mark for the first time in 2020.

Decision maker 

Close-up Shot Of A Roulette and the 32Red operators reported that 4.3 percent of gross profit sales from risky players came in three months to 31 December 2020. The group added that after treatments it had improved by 75.7% over the same time.

Nasdaq Stockholm-listed Kindred said it agreed to report the statistics in the context of its pledge to achieve a zero income from negative gambling by 2023 and enhance awareness, openness and factual dialogue about the survival of the sector. Our aim is to get zero percent of our income from damaging gambling to which we have been working for a few years,” said Henrik Tjärnström, Chief Executive Officer of Kindred.

Especially fascinating are the statistics about the progress result following action, as Kindred defined the player’s behavioural mechanism for detecting improvements and then educating them about tools for limiting gambling. In 2020, Kindred held about 55,000 calls to remind players how peacefully and responsibly they can play and how they can impose limitations on their own play, such as deposit limits. 75.7 percent of the detected participants in Kindred’s Responsible Gambling squad had a healthier gambling behaviour.

Reducing harmful gambling in society is a long-term task, requiring factual, transparent and positive dialogue not least with policy makers,” Tjärnström continued. That is what we want to help with.

Published study 

The most critical move that decision-makers should do right now is to limit the flight to unlicensed players who do not supply players with security measures. It is necessary to improve the so called channelling. Last but not least, a survey by professionally operating giant PWC revealed that since 2018, gambling on unlicensed websites has risen dramatically in the UK. The number of people using an unlicensed platform has more than doubled from 2.2% to 4.5%.


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